Health and safety in facilities management: tailored solutions that grow with your business 

Health and Safety in Facilities Management

For businesses and individuals working in facilities management, the implementation of effective health and safety systems is imperative. Not only does this protect staff and contractors, but it ensures the safety of visitors too. That said, identifying and mitigating the risk of health and safety issues in facilities management is no small task; it involves the assessment of your business’ premises, tools, equipment and resources.

There are, of course, numerous health and safety challenges for facilities managers to overcome. In addition to general business requirements and risk assessments, certain organisations must comply with industry-specific regulations, as stated by the UK government’s Health and Safety at Work act. 

Should a business fail to comply with government regulations, the repercussions are often substantial. No matter the size or nature of your organisation, investing in high-quality health and safety management resources is a must. 

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How can The Health & Safety Dept help with Health and Safety in Facilities Management?

When it comes to the safety of staff and visitors, staying up to date on health and safety in facilities management is essential. Fortunately, with professional assistance and expert knowledge, risks can be effectively identified and reduced. Well-structured health and safety systems don’t just keep individuals safe, they facilitate the constant improvement of working environments, processes and proceduresHere at The Health and Safety Dept, we’re proud to work with a number of clients within the facilities management sector. From fire hazards and electrical equipment to waste removal and working at height regulations, our knowledge of correct protocol is comprehensive. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team to discover how outsourced health and safety services will streamline your operations and protect your employees.

Our Services for Health and Safety in Facilities Management

Effective health and safety in facilities management relies on proper implementation. Done correctly, this will ensure the wellbeing of your premises, property, equipment and employees. Together, we will actively identify and intercept prominent risks within your working environment, ensuring that staff and visitors feel safe at all times. 

Fire Safety for Facilities Management

Effective fire safety policies and procedures are vital for facilities management businesses. They ensure a safe working environment, protect employees and assets, and meet legal obligations. 

Accident Reporting & Investigations (RIDDOR)

In the unfortunate event of an accident in the workplace, we’re here to impartially support and investigate on behalf of individuals and businesses.

Facilities Management Health & Safety Services

From auditing and fire safety procedures to DSE and mental health policies, we offer expert health and safety management and guidance, designed to safeguard staff and visitors.

Facilities Management Risk Assessments

For businesses large and small, risk assessment is both a moral and legal obligation. We’re proud to assist thousands of UK businesses with risk assessments and method statements. 

    • Risk Assessments
    • Health and safety issues in facilities management
    • Health and safety systems
    • Health and safety at work act

Training for Health & Safety in Facilities Management

Effective health and safety management requires managers and staff to be trained on best-practices. Discover our range of learning resources today.

Management Systems & Projects

Good health and safety management is near-impossible without strategically implemented processes and systems. The Health and Safety Dept will ensure that your business is well-prepared for every possibility.

Read what some of our clients have to say

Invaluable efficient service

When questions arise around health and safety, it’s comforting to know I have an expert on hand to help, I don’t have to go and research for the answer or take a guess, I simply pick up the phone and get the answers from the professionals, as The Health & Safety Dept are always available and always respond rapidly with tailored advice and support.”

Alan Sanderson, Safe Building Scheme 

A delight to work with

“We particularly value the friendliness and responsiveness of the service and are confident that we have protected our organisation from potential risks and liabilities in these important yet complex areas.”

Approachable and sensible

Two members of staff were very happy with the excellent First Aid training they completed last week. They found it very informative especially with the latest information about defibrillators. Thank you to The Health & Safety Dept.

Alba, Beverage Company

How we approach facilities management health and safety guidance and support

If you’re looking for a warehouse health and safety consultant who really takes the time to get to the core of your business, you’re in the right place. At The Health & Safety Department, we’re committed to ensuring we understand your company inside and out in order to provide you with the most relevant health and safety guidance for your unique business, staff, and daily procedures, with continuous reviews of your protocols, constant engagement with your staff, and regular evaluations of your premises. 

Our comprehensive health and safety services are tailor-made to meet your precise requirements. If you and your team are struggling to get to grips with proper health and safety practices, don’t worry – our consultants have experience working with a diverse range of industries and sectors, providing expert guidance and preventing risks while always upholding company compliance with health and safety legislation.

Whether you need support with first aid training, mental health at work, risk assessments, fire risk safety, or manual handling, our team is here to help. Get in touch today to get the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

The Health & Safety Dept are helpful

“They have helped us to ensure we are compliant with legislation and most importantly, that our customers and staff are safe on our premises. Their service is helpful, clear and reassuring.”

A delight to work with

“We particularly value the friendliness and responsiveness of the service and are confident that we have protected our organisation from potential risks and liabilities in these important yet complex areas.”

Excellent service

“I simply pick up the phone and get the answers from the professionals, as the health and safety department are always available and always respond rapidly with tailored advice and support.”

What can you expect from The Health & Safety Dept?

It’s our job to keep you on the right side of health and safety legislation. When you work with The Health & Safety Department, you can rest assured that you’re keeping your business and staff safe from potential warehouse hazards, while always staying in line with the latest health and safety regulations as required by law. 

Why use us as your warehouse health and safety consultants?

Our transparent approach to consulting prioritises the customer, with fixed fees and flexible payment options offered as standard through our nationwide network of health and safety experts operating within their local communities. Since 2003, we have been providing our professional services to businesses throughout the UK, remaining as the number one choice for health and safety support with competitive prices that always deliver on quality.


With The Health & Safety Dept, you can expect:

  • On-hand health and safety guidance tailored to your unique business needs
  • Professional, qualified expertise
  • A range of training systems for your team, in-person and online
  • Advice on risk assessments
  • Practical fire and food safety guidance
  • IOSH registered consultants
  • A local network for community support
  • 50+ years of industry experience
  • Fixed fees, with flexible payment options and no hidden costs

To hear more about how we can support your business, feel free to get in touch today for a no-obligations consultation with our team.

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