Accident investigations

Accidents happen! But why?

Now accidents do happen. But what’s important is understanding how and why they came about.

Every year in the UK, around two million people suffer from work-related illnesses and/or injuries whilst at work.

It’s sad to say that even nowadays, with modern technologies and advancement in H&S processes, that more than 140 people still lose their lives each year at work in the UK.

The cost to any business of an accident has a wide stretching impact: from the lost time, the financial/legal consequences, and the human cost in the aftermath. Sometimes, it is more than a business can bear.

A well-drafted, detailed accident investigation form is an essential part of the monitoring process that your business is required to carry out by law. Incidents, including near misses, can tell you a lot about how things actually are in reality within your business.

Our experienced H&S team can help you navigate your way through your accident investigation process. We can start at the initial accident/incident record, continue through to on-site inspection of your control measures, and up to completing and submitting RIDDOR reports that may be required by your business.

The aim for us is to help your business identify what the root cause was for the accident. This will then allow you to actively look at ways to stop and/or reduce the likelihood of similar accidents happening again. Being proactive saves lives.

From simple advice by phone to a full accident investigation and report, our team will ensure that your business receives all the support it needs. You are in good hands.

Get in touch today to confidentially discuss any concerns you have, gain expert advice and give yourself peace of mind that all is under control.


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