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Health and Safety in the Office

It goes without saying that employees have the right to a safe working environment. No matter the size of your office or the industry within which you operate, properly implemented health and safety measures are a legal requirement. Here at The Health & Safety Dept, we’re proud to provide businesses large and small with scalable, tailored solutions.

When it comes to effective workplace health and safety, common sense just isn’t enough. For the sake of legal compliance and employee wellbeing, expertly drafted policies and procedures are a must. Our team of health and safety consultants have worked with companies across the UK, ensuring that office spaces meet the highest standards.

From risk assessments and accident investigation to management systems and first aid training, your office employees are in expert hands with The Health & Safety Dept.

How can The Health & Safety Dept help with Office Health and Safety?

Make no mistake, an office environment is home to its fair share of risks. Underestimating these potential hazards places individuals in jeopardy and can lead to catastrophic and costly repercussions. Our team is here to ensure your employees are safe and your business is compliant with the strictest of regulations. 

Having worked with thousands of companies up and down the UK, it’s safe to say that our knowledge of office health and safety best practices is second to none. We take the time to understand the unique requirements of your business and premises, bringing industry-specific knowledge to the table alongside an unfaltering attention to detail. Rest assured, we leave no stone unturned, providing training, guidance, documentation and ongoing support for employers, managers and staff.

Contact us to discuss your business’ needs and discover our range of expertly tailored services.

Our Office Health and Safety Services

Fire Safety in the Office

Expertly implemented fire safety measures are a necessity for any office. Not only do they protect individuals and assets, they ensure that your business is fully compliant with regulations.

Office Health & Safety Training

Making sure employees are up to date on health and safety protocol and procedures is essential. Discover our range of online resources and in-person courses.

Office Risk Assessments

Office risk assessments are both moral and legal obligations. We offer clear, jargon-free risk assessment services, designed to protect individuals and grant businesses peace of mind.

    • Risk Assessments
    • Health and Safety at Work Act
    • Office chair health and safety
    • Office health and safety hazards
    • Office health and safety risk assessment

Office Health & Safety Services

We’re proud to provide comprehensive health and safety support to businesses large and small, including:

Accident Reporting & Investigations

Work-related accidents are, unfortunately, a reality. Should an employee or visitor suffer injury in the office, the proper channels must be followed. We offer impartial support and investigative services on behalf of businesses and individuals.

Mental Health & Wellbeing at Work

Good health and safety management should prioritise both the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. From stress awareness and risk assessment to mental health first aid training, we help businesses and to support their office employees. 

Read what some of our clients have to say

Invaluable efficient service

When questions arise around health and safety, it’s comforting to know I have an expert on hand to help, I don’t have to go and research for the answer or take a guess, I simply pick up the phone and get the answers from the professionals, as The Health & Safety Dept are always available and always respond rapidly with tailored advice and support.”

Alan Sanderson, Safe Building Scheme 

A delight to work with

“We particularly value the friendliness and responsiveness of the service and are confident that we have protected our organisation from potential risks and liabilities in these important yet complex areas.”

Approachable and sensible

Two members of staff were very happy with the excellent First Aid training they completed last week. They found it very informative especially with the latest information about defibrillators. Thank you to The Health & Safety Dept.

Alba, Beverage Company

How we approach office health and safety guidance and support

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to office health and safety; effective implementation requires a tailored approach. Here at The Health & Safety Dept, we strive to deliver bespoke solutions, designed to suit your business’ specific requirements. In order to do so, our consultants will take the time to assess your premises and discuss your team’s needs. 

With decades of experience under our belt, our expertise is unparalleled. Our team will identify and tackle a wide array of risks present in different professional settings. Our services encompass accident investigations, COSHH, fire risk assessment, and stress risk assessment, mitigating the risk to individuals and ensuring businesses are in full compliance with industry requirements.

By outsourcing health and safety services, businesses not only ensure legal compliance and optimal efficiency, but it relieves office staff of the associated responsibilities, freeing up time and resources. With our consultants at your side, your business and employees are in the safest of hands.

The Health & Safety Dept are helpful

“They have helped us to ensure we are compliant with legislation and most importantly, that our customers and staff are safe on our premises. Their service is helpful, clear and reassuring.”

A delight to work with

“We particularly value the friendliness and responsiveness of the service and are confident that we have protected our organisation from potential risks and liabilities in these important yet complex areas.”

Excellent service

“I simply pick up the phone and get the answers from the professionals, as the health and safety department are always available and always respond rapidly with tailored advice and support.”

What can you expect from The Health & Safety Dept?

Effectively managed health and safety measures are vital for any business. That said, we’re well aware that no two offices are entirely alike. That’s why our services are precisely tailored to best suit your requirements. Whether you’re a team of 5 or 50, we’ll take the time to understand your specific needs, ensuring that staff are safe and that your office is compliant with government legislation at all times. 

We strive to provide offices with human-centred services that save time, stress and money. By choosing us as your health and safety partner, you’ll receive:

  • Bespoke health and safety advice, support and solutions as and when required.
  • A proactive and transparent approach to your businesses specific needs.
  • Flawless communication from a friendly team.
  • A plethora of training programmes and support, including mental health first aid training and stress risk assessment.
  • Acute risk assessment and mitigation services.
  • IOSH registered consultants.
  • Local support, with access to a national network.
  • Fixed fees and flexible payment options.

To discuss our full range of tailored solutions, get in touch with a member of our expert team.

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