Making your business COVID-19 Secure

Covid-19 has changed the way any business can operate. From a health and safety perspective, every business is now looking at a totally new risk profile where staff are potentially at risk coming to work, compared to what was previously seen as a low risk task.

Never has it been more important to have clear considered risk assessments that are specific to your business and activities to ensure both you and your staff can return to work safely.

Every business in the UK will have to make necessary adjustments to ensure their staff are not put in danger by coming into work. There is both a moral and legal obligation placed on all employers to make these adjustments.

Below are some of the key H&S considerations for your business as you plan to return to work:

  • Risk Assessments – get them right for your staff and business as we adjust to a ‘new normal’
  • The Mental Health and Wellbeing of your employees
  • PPE – Availability, suitable and is it sufficient.
  • Driver Welfare and Safety – Getting it right for both your business and for anyone delivering to your business
  • RIDDOR – Businesses must be familiar with update to reporting in relation to COVID-19
  • Social Distancing in your business – reasonably practicable steps must be taken
  • Protect your home workers – Home workers are still the business owners responsibility

To help businesses prepare to return to work, the H&S Dept offer a short-term support package that covers the essential for all businesses.

Our Health and Safety: Coronavirus Return to Work Package is inclusive of the following:

  • Unlimited H&S Advice in support of the business returning to work
  • A dedicated competent H&S advisor who will guide the business safely through your return to work strategy.
  • A draft Return to Work Strategy/plan to help your business priorities and get back to work quickly and safely.
  • A COVID 19 Risk Assessment for the safe return to work.
  • Signage for the business to print and display in the workplace to encourage safe working practices
  • A pre return checklist to ensure that amongst the COVID-19 adjustment business remember the other H&S requirements they have.
  • Employee return to work questionnaire – designed to see if your staff are ready and indeed in good enough health to come back.
  • An offsite work checklist to ensure where you send your employees is safe.

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